Monday, September 14, 2009

The Gift from Heaven

I don't know what else I would feel after the Italian GP yesterday. I thought Kimi would finish in 4th place, but it turn out he finish in 3rd place and have another podium of this season!! How's that happen? It's a gift from heaven XD

Kimi's qualifying was quite good indeed. It's his best qualifying for this season. He'd start the race from P3. And again he never stop to amaze me! When the race started, Kimi manage to move up and take 2nd place from Sutil! He's quite close to Hamilton but too bad never close enough to overtake. Then, the big threat come from Sutil. He was quite close to Kimi, He trailed Kimi! But, awesomely Kimi could hold him back and never do a mistake giving a chance for Sutil to overtake him. Great job Kimi!!

Then I feel strange. I thought Kimi would finish in 2nd place if the order keep that way. But, why the Brawns are in front? Damn! I'm too late to realize that they only have 1 pit stop! Damn! In that case, Kimi would finish in 4th place! Argh! For that effort he had to finish in 4th!! Damn it! But, oh well there's no use for cursing..4th is better than nothing.

I thought so but're so kind! You always know the one who always work hard! So, what happen in the last lap, just a few more corners to th finish, Hamilton got spin and out from the race!! XD Wait, I know I shouldn't be laughing over someone bad luck, but I don't care!!! XDDD I'm so happy since it means Kimi will take the 3rd place for sure!! XDD He's on the podium again! This is the best gift from heaven XDD

I don't care if people say Kimi's result is because of Hamilton's bad luck. It's true anyway XD but, what the heck! Kimi only take what's left by Hamilton. Don't blame Kimi for it since Hamilton is the one who get over excited to overtake Button.
Then I saw Kimi also doesn't get excited with the result. He stood for a while before spraying the champagne as if he's thinking of something. Maybe he thinks he doesn't deserve the result or it's not the result he wanted to have by bad luck over someone.

But, Kimi..I'll say, "a win is a win," no matter how you get it in the race, as long as it's fair and square, then you deserve it! It's a gift for your hard work. You often to have bad lucks and now it's the time to turn it down and get what you deserve to get. I guess the heaven also intended to give the place for you, since even though you have a little trouble at your 2nd pit stop but you managed to come out in front of Sutil. That mean the heaven want you in that place ;) So, cheer up, Kimi! Cheer up like I do XDD

You deserve this, Kimi. You deserve it more than any have that smile on your face, Kimi! No matter what, you are truly the greatest one :)

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