Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Best Gift from Heaven

It comes to my mind when I read the title of my yesterday writing, "The Gift from Heaven". I've made the title to express my feeling for Kimi's 3rd place at Italian GP. Below the title was Kimi's image holding the trophy he had. Have I mention that I'm so proud and happy to see him like that? ^_^

Then, the words come back to me, "The Gift from Heaven,"...It's not only for Kimi's result at the GP. But, the man him self is the gift from heaven for me...How can I missed the best gift in my life? Kimi. He is the best gift for me. My feeling for him is the best feeling I ever had. Kimi is the best thing that ever happen for me. Yes, Kimi is surely the best gift from heaven! Thank you God!!

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