Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Acid Black Cherry aka Yasu desu

Acid Black Cherry aka Yasu is the music I’ve been lately listening. A.B.C. has move up so fast that he has move down HYDE and now is threatening L’Arc~en~Ciel position on my play list ^_^ I think it has been almost 2 weeks I’ve not listen to L’Arc~en~Ciel and HYDE. Gomen ne, Minna! It’s not I’ve forgotten you nor abandon you but I admit I have cheating on you XDD

Then, who is Acid Black Cherry that I’ve bean cheating with? Acid Black Cherry (A.B.C.) is the solo project of Yasu (Yasunori Hayashi, 27/1/75), the vocalist of Japanese rock band, Janne Da Arc. The band is in hiatus from 2007 and from that year also, Yasu has started his solo project. With the advisor help from HYDE (Yasu admires him!), Yasu then named his project as “Acid Black Cherry” rather than using his own name. A.B.C. is only Yasu on vocal while the other members are the supporting members that can change from time to time. One of the supporting members is, Sugizo (Luna Sea, X-Japan) who helped out in one of the song in A.B.C first album, BLACK LIST. Further information about A.B.C. can be read on Wikipedia or other resources. I don’t want to take someone else job in describing the band (read: I’m just too lazy to write the full information XD)

So far, A.B.C has released two albums, BLACK LIST and Q.E.D. (I’ll make the album review sometime around XD). A.B.C. has also released a re-creation album which Yasu covers some oldies Japanese songs, the album title is RECREATION.
And why I could like A.B.C. so much? I don’t know either XD Well, the music is really good, the words are surprising! But, most of all the voice (also the person) is so unique!! I don’t get bored repeating the songs! There are different types of music in one album, dark, rock, hard, fun, slow, naughty, joyful, etc. It gives me mixed feeling but I still like it! And the voice, Yasu’s voice in one hell unique voice that I instantly put beside HYDE! Although of course both have very different kind of voice. I love Yasu’s voice!! It’s the best thing I like from A.B.C.

What about the person? Actually I’ve quite heard about A.B.C. I have even listen to BLACK LIST but that time it doesn’t stuck on me like now. My first impression for Yasu was, “what a scary looking guy!” I thought he must be a serious, harsh, and rude person. But, when I’ve watched some of the videos and interviews...Hey...He’s a funny and cheerful guy!! I become to like Yasu’s voice when he’s talking or laughing. I think Yasu is a fun guy to hang out with. I bet it’ll be fun to hanging out with him! I guess it’s true after all, “don’t judge a book from its cover”…then “don’t judge a band from its look,” ;)

One reason why I like to listen to A.B.C. over and over is because it make me forget what I don’t want to remember; it make me feel what I want to feel; it make me listen what I want to listen; it make me think what I want to think, see, hear, and care. By listening to A.B.C., I feel I’m in a world with no one else beside me, the music, and the voice. I’m in my own world (with Yasu beside me XD)

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