Monday, September 28, 2009

2nd rendezvous

On Saturday, September 26th, 2009, I had my second rendezvous with my college friends. It's quite fun, hectic, but also tiring since we walked around the campus to get to a mall ^_^ And what we do at the mall? We just eat XD Fit chan had a look for shoes discount, Myu and Nisa also looking at some shoes, while I just sit down watching them. I guess I really know the feeling of a man when company their couple on girls shopping XD

Actually, we have another plan before the taking the long walk. We were supposed to attend "History Camp", an event our juniors have prepared. At the event, we will be introduce to our new juniors. But, we don't know the time of the event. Patty told us it would be held in the evening at 3 pm. What? And we already there from 10 am XD. So, from the mall, we walked back to attended the event. It's quite tiring for me, since I wore boots...

Sorry to say but the event went just like usual history event...not soo fun..but, the most exciting part was when we, from History class 2001 gathered around and jokes! Many laughter! I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I really like that happy and joyful moment when we gathered. I need this happy moment just to forget my uneasy feeling....

And after I arrive home..I feel that I miss them...I want to be with them more longer...but my uneasy feeling still there, even add. Now, I'm thinking about someone I shouldn't have think..someone that I feel become close to me although just for a moment..someone that I know won't ever have the same feeling with me...oh well. I guess this feeling come because of the happy moments I have that time and I believe it'll be gone soon, as fast as it come :)

But, I really like this 2nd rendezvous. It's tiring but also exciting! Hope to have many other rendezvous :)

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