Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Sins and The Story - ABC Album List

Acid Black Cherry – BLACK LIST

BLACK LIST (20.02.2008)
2.少女の祈り (Shojo no Inori, A Girl's Prayer)
5.愛してない (Aishitenai, I Don't Love You)
6.Bit Stupid
7.楽園 (Rakuen, Paradise)
8.Black Cherry
9.Murder Licence
10.冬の幻 (Fuyu no Maboroshi, Winter's Illusion)
12.Prologue End

It’s Acid Black Cherry first album. At first try, I wasn’t get into it. I don’t know why. But, that time I just think it’s a good music. Then, long after it, I’ve become totally into this album! I don’t know what make me crazy for A.B.C. The music mixed my feelings and flew away my mind. I just love it and never get bored play it from time to time. Yasu’s voice is amazing and the music make me laugh but also head banging.

My Recommended songs:
1.Sins.The first time I listen this song, I think it’s a cool song. I like it but don’t put anymore attention again. But then, it becomes my favorite song in this album. I’m amazed with the music, the words, and with Yasu’s voice. I absolutely love it!! >_<
2.Spell Magic. It’s a great song with a really funny video. The words “don’t judge a book from its cover,” really suited this video. Yasu is so cool (and naughty)!! I don’t fond with naughty man but I’ll only accept Yasu XD He’s fit to be naughty!! XDD Really an awesome video and Yasu! XDD
3.Bit Stupid. What and unique song. The song tells about a man (Yasu of course XD) who was cheating his girl and tries to hide it by making excuses. And the excuses are so funny. The song describe Yasu’s effort to confidence his girl and get away with his little crime. I don’t like man who cheated on his girl, but Yasu make me laugh through this song. Once again, I only accept if the man is Yasu XDD
4.Black Cherry. I was quite surprised when I watched the video. Yasu dress up like a girl! I’m sorry Yasu, but you look weird XD (HYDE fits better XD). But, after he throw his wig and become him self…I was amazed and went, “WHOA!!!” I’ve become more surprised! I enjoyed the music that makes me shake. It’s a fun and exciting video!
It’s a great and awesome work from Yasu! It’s worth to have and listen over and over!

Acid Black Cherry – Q.E.D

Q.E.D. (26.08.2009)
2.cord name【JUSTICE】
3.Jigsaw ~ジグソー Q.E.D. version~
4.罪と罰~神様のアリバイ~ (Tsumi to Batsu ~Kami-sama no Ribai~, Crime and Punishment ~God's Alibi~)
5.眠り姫 (Nemuri Hime, Sleeping Beauty)
6.チェリーチェリー (chieri- chieri-, Cherry Cherry)
7.1954 LOVE/HATE
8.I’m not a ghost
9.優しい嘘 (Yasashii Uso, Tender Lies)
10.黒い太陽 (Kuroi Taiyou, Black Sun)
12.20+∞ Century Boys

It’s the second and newest Acid Black Cherry album. It’s the album that makes me fall in to A.B.C. At first heard, I just love it! I instantly love it! This album make me crazy about A.B.C. and make me cheating on L’Arc~en~Ciel and HYDE ^_^ the music on this album are just awesome, also Yasu’s voice is so amazing. I love his voice! This is one amazing album! I like to hear it over and over.

My recommended songs:
1.Jigsaw ~ジグソー Q.E.D. version~. It’s the English Version from Jigsaw single. It’s a great song, even though I only understand a little of Yasu’s words ^_^ Try to listen it, it make me head shake XD
2.罪と罰~神様のアリバイ~ (Tsumi to Batsu ~Kami-sama no Ribai~, Crime and Punishment ~God's Alibi~). I love the music, also it make me shake right and left XDD
3.眠り姫 (Nemuri Hime, Sleeping Beauty). A sweet and slow song with a very nice video. Each time I heard it I feel so calm as if it flew my mind to the sky.
4.チェリーチェリー (chieri- chieri-, Cherry Cherry). At first, I thought it’s a song for children, with the cute title and a cute voice of a woman. But, I must remember it’s Yasu’s work so…XD Just read the lyric, it’s quite the same with Black Cherry with similar cheerful music with Bit Stupid (both from BLACK LIST album).
5.優しい嘘 (Yasashii Uso, Tender Lies). One of my favorite songs! I love the song and after I watch the video, I also love it! The video is so great and Yasu also look so awesome! The music is great too! Everything is just too great to let passed! The video make me fall even deeper for A.B.C. and I don’t get bored watch the video or play the song over and over. I’m in tears for this song and for many reasons too. I juts love it!!
6.20+∞ Century Boys. My most favorite song! It’s a cheerful and energetic song! The video is also hilarious! I laugh watching “girl” Yasu. But, I don’t blink when A.B.C. show up and play. It’s too awesome! Yasu is so awesome! His move, his voice, his appearance, he’s so damn awesome! This is the best song!! I keep repeating it and always make my head up and down also body shaking for the music. I’m in tears again T _ T

Great and awesome work from Yasu! I never get bored with the songs! I like it all!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

2nd rendezvous

On Saturday, September 26th, 2009, I had my second rendezvous with my college friends. It's quite fun, hectic, but also tiring since we walked around the campus to get to a mall ^_^ And what we do at the mall? We just eat XD Fit chan had a look for shoes discount, Myu and Nisa also looking at some shoes, while I just sit down watching them. I guess I really know the feeling of a man when company their couple on girls shopping XD

Actually, we have another plan before the taking the long walk. We were supposed to attend "History Camp", an event our juniors have prepared. At the event, we will be introduce to our new juniors. But, we don't know the time of the event. Patty told us it would be held in the evening at 3 pm. What? And we already there from 10 am XD. So, from the mall, we walked back to attended the event. It's quite tiring for me, since I wore boots...

Sorry to say but the event went just like usual history event...not soo fun..but, the most exciting part was when we, from History class 2001 gathered around and jokes! Many laughter! I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I really like that happy and joyful moment when we gathered. I need this happy moment just to forget my uneasy feeling....

And after I arrive home..I feel that I miss them...I want to be with them more longer...but my uneasy feeling still there, even add. Now, I'm thinking about someone I shouldn't have think..someone that I feel become close to me although just for a moment..someone that I know won't ever have the same feeling with me...oh well. I guess this feeling come because of the happy moments I have that time and I believe it'll be gone soon, as fast as it come :)

But, I really like this 2nd rendezvous. It's tiring but also exciting! Hope to have many other rendezvous :)

Round and Round ~ Singapore GP

It's been a round and round race for Kimi at Singapore GP. I've should know that. It's not because of Kimi had to started the race from P13th, but rather because it's a street circuit that overtaking maneuver is hardly to be done, especially when you're at the back of the grid....

Even so, Kimi has started the race with remarkably move, he tried to take some places up front but sadly didn't manage quite well..(I don't like this circuit! >_<). Kimi then managed to overtake Buemi (if I'm not mistaken) and move up one place. Thankfully everything still goes well for Kimi. No trouble with the pit stops also the car, just lack of speed and down force(?). Kimi has predict it will be though at Singapore, especially they no longer develop the car. They are focusing on next year car, which I hope it will be a success (especially if Kimi is still a part of the team!).

In the end, Kimi finished at 10th place. It's quite disappointing result after podiums before this, but I'm quite happy Kimi can finish this series. He doesn't finish last year, so I think this is an improvement ^_^

Next stop is Suzuka...only few days ahead..I hope Kimi will get a lot better result there. Just 3 more races to go and I hope to see Kimi at the podiums as many as I can :) I pray Kimi will have great result on each races left :)

Thank you for your never ending hard work, Kimi. I really cherish it. Always wishing the best for you :) FIGHT!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Acid Black Cherry aka Yasu desu

Acid Black Cherry aka Yasu is the music I’ve been lately listening. A.B.C. has move up so fast that he has move down HYDE and now is threatening L’Arc~en~Ciel position on my play list ^_^ I think it has been almost 2 weeks I’ve not listen to L’Arc~en~Ciel and HYDE. Gomen ne, Minna! It’s not I’ve forgotten you nor abandon you but I admit I have cheating on you XDD

Then, who is Acid Black Cherry that I’ve bean cheating with? Acid Black Cherry (A.B.C.) is the solo project of Yasu (Yasunori Hayashi, 27/1/75), the vocalist of Japanese rock band, Janne Da Arc. The band is in hiatus from 2007 and from that year also, Yasu has started his solo project. With the advisor help from HYDE (Yasu admires him!), Yasu then named his project as “Acid Black Cherry” rather than using his own name. A.B.C. is only Yasu on vocal while the other members are the supporting members that can change from time to time. One of the supporting members is, Sugizo (Luna Sea, X-Japan) who helped out in one of the song in A.B.C first album, BLACK LIST. Further information about A.B.C. can be read on Wikipedia or other resources. I don’t want to take someone else job in describing the band (read: I’m just too lazy to write the full information XD)

So far, A.B.C has released two albums, BLACK LIST and Q.E.D. (I’ll make the album review sometime around XD). A.B.C. has also released a re-creation album which Yasu covers some oldies Japanese songs, the album title is RECREATION.
And why I could like A.B.C. so much? I don’t know either XD Well, the music is really good, the words are surprising! But, most of all the voice (also the person) is so unique!! I don’t get bored repeating the songs! There are different types of music in one album, dark, rock, hard, fun, slow, naughty, joyful, etc. It gives me mixed feeling but I still like it! And the voice, Yasu’s voice in one hell unique voice that I instantly put beside HYDE! Although of course both have very different kind of voice. I love Yasu’s voice!! It’s the best thing I like from A.B.C.

What about the person? Actually I’ve quite heard about A.B.C. I have even listen to BLACK LIST but that time it doesn’t stuck on me like now. My first impression for Yasu was, “what a scary looking guy!” I thought he must be a serious, harsh, and rude person. But, when I’ve watched some of the videos and interviews...Hey...He’s a funny and cheerful guy!! I become to like Yasu’s voice when he’s talking or laughing. I think Yasu is a fun guy to hang out with. I bet it’ll be fun to hanging out with him! I guess it’s true after all, “don’t judge a book from its cover”…then “don’t judge a band from its look,” ;)

One reason why I like to listen to A.B.C. over and over is because it make me forget what I don’t want to remember; it make me feel what I want to feel; it make me listen what I want to listen; it make me think what I want to think, see, hear, and care. By listening to A.B.C., I feel I’m in a world with no one else beside me, the music, and the voice. I’m in my own world (with Yasu beside me XD)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Best Gift from Heaven

It comes to my mind when I read the title of my yesterday writing, "The Gift from Heaven". I've made the title to express my feeling for Kimi's 3rd place at Italian GP. Below the title was Kimi's image holding the trophy he had. Have I mention that I'm so proud and happy to see him like that? ^_^

Then, the words come back to me, "The Gift from Heaven,"...It's not only for Kimi's result at the GP. But, the man him self is the gift from heaven for me...How can I missed the best gift in my life? Kimi. He is the best gift for me. My feeling for him is the best feeling I ever had. Kimi is the best thing that ever happen for me. Yes, Kimi is surely the best gift from heaven! Thank you God!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Gift from Heaven

I don't know what else I would feel after the Italian GP yesterday. I thought Kimi would finish in 4th place, but it turn out he finish in 3rd place and have another podium of this season!! How's that happen? It's a gift from heaven XD

Kimi's qualifying was quite good indeed. It's his best qualifying for this season. He'd start the race from P3. And again he never stop to amaze me! When the race started, Kimi manage to move up and take 2nd place from Sutil! He's quite close to Hamilton but too bad never close enough to overtake. Then, the big threat come from Sutil. He was quite close to Kimi, He trailed Kimi! But, awesomely Kimi could hold him back and never do a mistake giving a chance for Sutil to overtake him. Great job Kimi!!

Then I feel strange. I thought Kimi would finish in 2nd place if the order keep that way. But, why the Brawns are in front? Damn! I'm too late to realize that they only have 1 pit stop! Damn! In that case, Kimi would finish in 4th place! Argh! For that effort he had to finish in 4th!! Damn it! But, oh well there's no use for cursing..4th is better than nothing.

I thought so but then....my God..you're so kind! You always know the one who always work hard! So, what happen in the last lap, just a few more corners to th finish, Hamilton got spin and out from the race!! XD Wait, I know I shouldn't be laughing over someone bad luck, but I don't care!!! XDDD I'm so happy since it means Kimi will take the 3rd place for sure!! XDD He's on the podium again! This is the best gift from heaven XDD

I don't care if people say Kimi's result is because of Hamilton's bad luck. It's true anyway XD but, what the heck! Kimi only take what's left by Hamilton. Don't blame Kimi for it since Hamilton is the one who get over excited to overtake Button.
Then I saw Kimi also doesn't get excited with the result. He stood for a while before spraying the champagne as if he's thinking of something. Maybe he thinks he doesn't deserve the result or it's not the result he wanted to have by bad luck over someone.

But, Kimi..I'll say, "a win is a win," no matter how you get it in the race, as long as it's fair and square, then you deserve it! It's a gift for your hard work. You often to have bad lucks and now it's the time to turn it down and get what you deserve to get. I guess the heaven also intended to give the place for you, since even though you have a little trouble at your 2nd pit stop but you managed to come out in front of Sutil. That mean the heaven want you in that place ;) So, cheer up, Kimi! Cheer up like I do XDD

You deserve this, Kimi. You deserve it more than any one..so have that smile on your face, Kimi! No matter what, you are truly the greatest one :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

KiRai's days

This is my days lately ^_^

"Dear God, please let my heart to be dead. Please don’t let me feel what I don’t want to feel. Please don’t let me think what I don’t want to think. Please don’t let me care what I don’t want to care. Dear God, please just let my heart to be dead"

* * *

"I don’t understand. I’m the one that should not care, but why I’m the one who have to care the most? I don’t understand. I’m the one that should be the freakiest one, but why I’m the one who look normal? I don’t understand. I’m the only one who isn’t the house children, but why I must act like one? I don’t understand. I’m the one that should have not think about anything than just my self, but why I must think about everything? I don’t understand. Is this a funny life for me or is it pathetic?"

* * *

“What will you do to make your self to be seen?”
“I will try hard to make my self to be seen,”
“And what will you do when you have done everything but they still don’t see you?”
“Then make them couldn’t seen anything for the rest of their life,”

* * *


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bit Stupid

“Where’s your new stylish hand phone?”
“I give it,”
“My girlfriend,”

(I look at the old type and almost ruin hand phone at his hand)

“And this,”
“It’s hers,”

(He gives his new stylish hand phone to his girlfriend while he uses her old type hand phone. Is it love really blind that can make someone become stupid...or is it him that just bit stupid…?)