Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday Evening Rendezvous

Last Saturday, me and my friends had an evening rendezvous at Teras Coffee, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. Although, not many who can come but it's so much fun! We had lots of laugh! It's been a while I haven't had fun moments like this. It's so comforting to see old friends again. Even though everybody is busy and had it's own story of life but we can compromised quite well. Even one of my friend said that it's been a while since he could relax like that..I agree with him.

Too bad the time had to passed. If not, I would love to stay long and chat with them. After the rendezvous, all of us have to get back to the world we're living. For the truth I feel kind a bit lonely. I want to chat with them for some more time. But, I know we all still can meet again someday. And so I'll be waiting for the next rendezvous ^_^

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