Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kimi's reaction :P

At first I want to write about something else, but then I drop by at and found this tickling post. The post was written in Italian so I used Google translations to know the meaning.

This is the real post:
Raikkonen: Thank You Man :P
Reazioni da Raikkonen?
«E chi lo sa. Gli dici bravo, ti risponde thank you. Gli dici che ha sbagliato, ti risponde thank you. È la sua forza, è il suo limite».

And this is the translations by Google:
Reactions from Raikkonen?
"And who knows. To say bravo, you answered thank you. The say that was wrong, please respond thank you. It is his strength is his limit. "

I'm not sure what the post meant..I just make my own assumptions as usual ^_^ So, I think either someone salute Kimi or asking him what happen, Kimi would only say, "thank you" and no one can do anything after he says it XD
Again, it's my own assumption XD I'll be waiting for the full posting and translations of course.
Just one thing to say, "Bravo Kimi!" ^_^

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