Tuesday, August 18, 2009


'Ferrari to pay-off Raikkonen'
Friday 14th August 2009

Ferrari are reportedly set to dump Kimi Raikkonen at the end of this season, offering the Finn a massive pay-off to step aside for Fernando Alonso.

Rumors of Raikkonen's pending dismissal began last season when poor results and what appeared to be a lack of motivation on the 2007 World Champion's behalf grabbed headlines.

The speculation grew this year as the Finn competed in his debut World Rally Championship event, even revealing that rallying could be his future line of work when his current Ferrari deal expires at the end of 2010.

According to The Sun, a Formula One insider has revealed that the Scuderia are intent on dumping Raikkonen, offering him a massive pay-off.

'They say the Italian giants have told the 2007 World Champion he can have half the value of his 2010 contract - thought to be worth £25million - to end it one year early,' the tabloid has reported.

Should Raikkonen part ways with Ferrari at the end of the season it would pave the way for Alonso's arrival with the double World Champion believed to already have a contract for 2011.

KiRai's Note:
Okay...I'm very irritated with the news. Who they think they are? Kimi has give his trust and 110% effort to the team and this is what he get? Kimi was just having fun with the WRC, having fun after the hard season he had. It's better doing the rally than having a party all night, right? Again, Kimi has been betrayed by his team..it seems there's no easy way for him...if it becomes like this..then maybe the right decisions is to walk away indeed and go to somewhere where he'll be accepted the way he is.

Kimi...F1 isn't fun anymore, will you walk away? If you do, I won't blame you. It's better to walk away than always getting hurt by those who supposed to support you. Fight Kimi! Don't let the news make you down..you're not alone...FIGHT!

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