Monday, August 31, 2009

He did it!! XD

I still can't believe this is happening. It's not a dream, it's for real. Kimi won the Belgium GP! He finally stand at that highest podium!! I'm so happy! I'm very proud of him!

Kimi started the race from P6 and was aggressively move up to 3rd place. He got wide at the first corner but could squeeze back to take 3rd place. Then he succeed in overtaking Kubica for 2nd place but then was hit from the back by Kubica. Thank God, nothing damage at the car. (If there's damage, you know what I would do...). There's an accident at the first turn and make Safety Car to come out. After, SC went in, Kimi trail Fisichella and succeed to overtake him and become the leader of the race.

The action was happen at 2nd pit stop when both Kimi and Fisi take the pit stop together. But, thanks to the team work of the pit crew, there's no trouble come to Kimi and he succeed to come out in front of Fisi. This position stay like this until the race ended with Kimi raising his fist high up in the air! Kimi has won the Belgium GP for the fourth times!!

After, he park the car, Kimi comes out from the car and stand on top of it to wave to the crowd (and I wave back ^_^). I could see that he's really happy. Of course he is! He should! He's the greatest driver! I'm so happy to see him standing there again, and this time he's in the highest position. I bet the view is so beautiful from up there ^_^ Kimi deserve this result, he also deserve the honor. Again, for many times, Kimi has give something for the team. Let's track down his achievement for the team this season.

1. Kimi is the one who give Ferrari first points.
2. Kimi is the one who give Ferrari first podium.
3. And of course, Kimi is the one who give Ferrari the first highest podium!

That is something! That's the hard work Kimi has been given for the team! They should have thankful for having him. Kimi has give everything for the team and he deserve to be treated a lot better!
Oh well, no use to complaining in this joyful moment..let the people talking what they want..I don't care..I only care what happen now and that is the hard work Kimi has always given. I'm very proud of him.

Kimi, thank you for your hard work. You have done a great job! You are the best! Always believe that! Thank you so much!! Love you!

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