Monday, August 24, 2009

He did it again! XD

Actually I feel so embarrassed..hope Kimi won't ever know this...I was overslept and don't watched when Kimi jumped out Kovalainen at 2nd pit stop :)) But after it, of course I hold my drowsiness and try to stay awake so I can see Kimi at the podium ^_^

Kimi started the race from sixth grade..and it's quite a difficult circuit since when the race started, the drivers would soon meet a junction to the right. But, awesomely Kimi manage to make up some places and be in 4th place!! Just like usual, Kimi is so awesome!! He's behind Barichello and several times look so close to overtake. But, Valencia is a street circuit like in Monaco, and it's hard to do overtaking there. Soon, Kimi was left behind but still in 4th position.

Kimi have a great first pit stop but the action happen at the 2nd one. Kimi stayed outside for few laps when Kovalainen took his 2nd pit stop. Kimi succeed to make a gap so when he come out after the pit, he was in front of Kovalainen. It's an awesome strategy that I've missed to see >_< Gomen ne Kimi....And finally, Kimi succeed to finish the race and take 3rd place. And also like usual, he went inside earlier than the other drivers. I can't see him clearly, but I still happy just to see his arms XD There's nothing change with Kimi's way at the podium, he still looking flat, calm, cool, and charming as usual ^_^ I'm so happy to see him back there again. This time it's 3rd place, but I'm sure the 1st podium won't be too long to happen. I know Kimi can do it!!

But, this happiness interrupted with no news about his achievement at the newspaper. Well. I've guess it before. People would love to criticize him but won't praised his achievements. Kimi has done a great job after Massa's accident. Luca is still learning about the race, it means Kimi was driving alone and carrying the team's burden at his shoulder. And Kimi made it. He made it to fulfill everybody expectation and what he receive...? Nothing, it seemed that people don't notice Kimi has done something great at the race. Well, it's not the first time and I know it won't be the last too. I don't care with the people. Kimi has his own way to make them silence and feel ashamed with their own words, that is by proving himself at the race track. And he has succeed! Now, what are they going to say?

Congratuations Kimi! You've done a great job! Thank you for your hard work! I love you!

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