Friday, July 31, 2009

The worst come back

I don't it only me that feel bothered with Schumacher returns?

I believe in Kimi. I always believe in him and it will be great when Kimi beat out Schumacher.

I share the same view with Kimi, that the past shouldn't ever be think again. And Schumacher is the past. Why he just stay there and never return? Past is something we should forget, especially if it brings bad memories. I don't like to see Schumacher attended the race and now he'll be racing along side with Kimi? >_< I can't imagine that! It would be so annoying!

I don't hate Schumacher. I honored that 7 times world champions but sometimes he doesn't act like a champion and regarding the rumors when Kimi was preparing to join Ferrari, I become more and more dislike him.

One important thing that people might forget is with the return of Schumacher (and forget the test drivers) it shows how Ferrari so depending to him. Ferrari doesn't respect new comers and aren't ready for the changing era. They are still living in their old glorious memories, Schumacher and friends era. And now with the lack their having this season, they become panic and look for a quick way out, bring back that man...

I believe Kimi will show him self with his own way. Kimi doesn't need like this to bring his spirit up. Kimi always have the spirit but he just can't show it, since he can't find the way to deliberate it.

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