Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Never Ending Curse ~ After Germany Race

As far as I remember, Hockenheim was never been good for Kimi. From the Mclaren era until now with Ferrari, Kimi never get satisfying result at the grand prix. Race after race, Kimi always meet his bad lucks here. I wonder why....?

Kimi started the race from 9th place, but he does so well by moving several places up front. He chased Vettel but couldn't get too close enough to overtake (is it because they are friends? Nah, Kimi won't ever do that ^^). Then as usual the race become round and round with Vettel started to move away.

The race turns into disaster when Kimi and Sutil touched when Sutil was going out from the pit. Kimi was close beside him that time, and their car touched. Several parts flew and Sutil went inside again to change his car nose. Kimi? He seemed to be fine but then suddenly cars from the back were easily overtake him, there's only one answer for it, Kimi's car was slowing down and finally he headed back to the garage. Kimi was out of the race.....

I have the chance to saw him that time (I don't like the hair! >_<) As usual, I can't tell his feeling from the face, but I believe he must be disappointed. I know I am and add with the family reaction, I smack the wall, after a long time I haven't done such thing. What happen to Kimi really can affect me so much.

Hah...I'm so disappointed with the race result, I hate it when Kimi couldn't perform so well. But it won't change my feeling for him. I will always and always support him whatever happen, no matter what people would say about him. I will always be there for him, to give him support and most of all my entire everlasting love ^^

Kimi, you will do better next race, don't worry :) and you will always have me to back you up. So, keep on fighting! We're on this together, always :)

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