Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lee Joon Ki MIni Album - J Style

Above is the image of Lee Joon Ki first mini album, called J Style. It was released sometime this year and consist of 8 songs.
1. J Style
2. Soliloquize
3. I'm Ready
4. Selfless Dedicated Trees
5. One Word
6. I don't know how to love
7. Foolish Love
8. Soliloquize (inst.)

Far from I expected, the songs are quite good ^^ I kinda like it :) And I've listen to the songs quite often now..even I put aside L'Arc~en~Ciel for a while ^^

I've listen to one of Joon Ki song that is One Word and I like it, then I got his album and listen to it and...hey..he's quite good! The songs are also good! My favorite is J Style and I laugh watching his video XD So funny!!! Joon Ki is really quite good..I admit that he's my only one favorite Korean artist ^^ I've watched some of his dramas and movies and he's a good artist too. I think he's specialty is with tears ^^; Even so..yes..he's a good actor and I loved to watch his play :) And now he got a mini album, songs he sings and wrote...well done Joon Ki! I might put your song to Minna! :)

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