Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Kimi Raikkonen - Prisoner of his grey shadow

Last spring it took control like a parasite without any warning and grew bigger than it's host in silence and with determination.

All of a sudden success vanished, the colours disappeared and the world became black and white.

Kimi Räikkönen is for the big audience nothing but a grey shadow of the masterful driver he once was.

But somewhere the real Kimi is still breathing.

What supernatular power melted the Iceman. And who is that man who reminds us of Kimi but isn't Kimi?

Kimi has raced exactly 40 races for Ferrari. Even though he wasn't after his victory in Melbourne exactly what Luca thought he'd ordered, the flaws where more or less harmless colour flaws.

After a frozen spring Kimi put his act together and did what nobody expected - became a world champion.

And just as the championship war in 2009 looked like it had surrendered under Kimi's power, the cannons exploded on his own face and half of the world turned dark.

Something should be done, Kimi!

Once more.

There are two kinds of champions in sport. Those who never get enough and those who lose something irreplacable when achieving their dream so that they can't reach that same glory again. Blossomed once beautifully but shrank in a couple of nights. Even the sportsman himself isn't necessarily aware of the change. Usually only results tell that and often with a delay.

It's no wonder that the Italian media asks today if Kimi is more interested in rally than in his work. The signals he sends are conflicting; on one hand he emits fighting spirit with a monkey's rage but the next moment he looks totally indifferent to his own setbacks.

It's not a bigger miracle that the circle of doubters grows bigger every week. Kimi feeds them himself with his own behaviour.

When was the last time we saw that old fire-spirited warrior who rather raced with the taste of blood in his mouth right into the wall than gave up...

In Spa last September - and instead of the end result it at least showed an attitude of 'everything or nothing'.

Just what Monty needs so badly. Just what the whole F1-world needs.

Kimi has had to prove something all his life.

First to his parents that his hobby is worth sacrificing the small money they had.

Later in karting-tracks from weekend to weekend and a lot later - in 2001 - to the doubting F1-world that he is ready to race with the most respected drivers in spite of his lack of experience.

And next stepping into the boots of the double champion Mika Häkkinen in McLaren.

When stepping into the driving boots of the Red Messiah, Michael Schumacher, he had to prove his talent and ability.

He has always succeeded - and will succeed again when he wants. Silencing every ignorant critic around him.

If he wants.

One more time.

From Iltalehti's new Special Edition - June 2009 by Kari Melart translated by Nicole

p.s. Great article I've found this morning. Kimi's race life is always been about proving him self. From the first time he step in to the show until now, Kimi has always and always asked about his ability. For all these years, haven't people finally realize the greatness in him?

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