Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Kimi closed the cork of alcohol

The booze-steaming headlines about Kimi can be forgotten for some time at least. Kimi's strict policy when it comes to alcohol has held even during the hot summer. Räikkönen has completely dropped the quzzle with alcohol in the national Finnish way during his freetime.

Kimi Räikkönen is a man whose doings in Finland are followed closely with a magnifying glass. Therefore the man's decision a while ago to stop drinking created a small storm in a water glass. Kimi closed the cork in winter during the training season and according to the wildest rumours he had even made a bet with his friends. The steering wheel master's strict policy towards alcohol has held during the whole spring and beginning of the summer.

- Kimi has taken a glass or two of wine with good food but otherwise there hasn't been any guzzle with alcohol, Riku Kuvaja told MTV3.

Kuvaja was wondering about the sensation this all created already in February.

– This kind of writing is already weird, the man said.

Because of the KERS-experimentation all drivers' weights are followed more closely than ever but Kuvaja says that behind Kimi's decision there's no thoughts about losing weight or anything else special.

- Do they always need a reason for these, the man wonders.

p.s. I never objected Kimi to drink alcohol. It's his favorite ^^ I'm happy as long as he happy ^^ But, surely I want him to stop drinking alcohol for his own health. I don't want him to get sick after on. Stop drinking is good for him and I'm happy he did :) Go Kimi! I'm with you all the way!

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