Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Miss Minna san

It have cross my mind, when I was laying down in my bed because of the flu, I was looking at my room, to the posters, and then my eyes set on Laruku's banner beside my bed. I just watched it...them...minna san...and suddenly I feel missing them so much! I want to see them perform again, I want to see all 4 of them together, singing new songs, get back together again, 2011 is still a long way to come....and minna seem still far away for coming back together...they are busy with their solo projects...sigh...

"Minna san in the last album, KISS"

While I was healing from the flu, I was listening to minna (IPOD name), one of the songs is from VAMPS. I always love hyde's voice, no matter what song he sing, but this time I really missing him with Laruku. I know it's not fair for him, he's a great artist, but I do really like him more with Laruku rather than with VAMPS. His voice is lot better with Laruku >_< I'm so sorry hyde sama...but please hurry finished your VAMPS project and get back to tetsu and the others. Not only the voice, but hyde's performances are look better with Laruku. VAMPS has make hyde become wild, while in Laruku, hyde look so sweet, cool, awesome, beautiful! Tetsu! Bring him back quickly before he get worse! T_T I know I'm being over reacting but it's what I really feel....

"hyde when with Laruku...kirei desune.."

"hyde VAMPS..I know he still look cool..but I prefer to see him with Laruku!"

Not only hyde who was busy during the Laruku hiatus, Ken also has doing his solo project. Ken has released his newest album, Deeper. I'm so sorry Ken but I haven't listen to the album although it has been some time after the released ^^

"Kenpachi ^^;"

What about tetsu? I don't know his where about ^^ He once said before the hiatus that he wanted to create a warm and happy family with his wife...sigh..I wonder what he's doing right now. Tetsu! Stop with what you're doing right now and call back your boys! >_<

"tetsu...bring back your boys quick!!"

And last...the mysterious one...yukki...where are you...? What the hell are you doing hiding from everyone? Where are you, yukki...? T_T

"yukki...where are you...?"

The newest performance by them will take place at JITB 2009 this August, but sadly they won't perform as L'Arc~en~Ciel. They will perform as them selves. Hyde with VAMPS, Ken as him self and so does Tetsu, and yukki is with acid android. I wonder would they make a surprised by performing together on one stage?

MC : "Please welcome, the super artist"
MC : "on drums >> yukki from acid android; on bass >> tetsu; on guitar >> ken; and on vocal >> hyde from VAMPS; and they will performing >> LINK!!"


MC : "Why don't you just perform as Laruku!"

Minna san!! Missing you so much!!! >_< Come back soon, please!!!


azhydeist said...

Hahaha... was missing laruku too when I came across your blog post. I can't agree more with your views. None of their solo work can match up to L'Arc~en~Ciel!!!
But at least we'll be having "BLESS" soon... Just saw a 45sec preview of it!

KiRai said...

Thanks for dropping by!
I'm so excited too with the new single! Finally there some news from them! Maybe they are jealous with other bands project for the new year and decide to also make new single XD
By the way, the full version of BLESS is already on youtube! Quickly check it out! XD