Monday, July 27, 2009

Hurray! After the Hungary GP

Yatta!! Yokattara!! Kimi made it to finish in 2nd place! I'm so happy for him!! >_< Kimi deserves it! He deserves a lot more! But this result is indeed much better! I just can't believe this result. It feels as if Kimi had won his first podium. Finally good thing happen to Kimi. Thank you God!

Kimi has done a great start! I become more and more amazed with him! He move quickly up in front and place him self between Hamilton, Webber, and Vettel. He's so aggressive! Then he touched Vettel and the incident was being investigate by the stewards after the race, which I think it's not fair. Since Kimi doesn't do anything dangerous. He also doesn't have any place to go so he had to touch Vettel. So sad then Vettel had to retired laps after the incident. It's just happen in every race. I really hope that Kimi would hold his podium.....

The whole race was quite perfect for Kimi. Everything goes well for him, even the pit stop. Well, Kimi had some trouble when doing his 2nd pit stop but luckily it doesn't cost him some time. That time Webber was far away so Kimi could still com out in front of him. Kimi also drive perfectly. He doesn't make any mistake altough being chase by Glock and Webber. Finally, Kimi could finish 2nd place at the race.

And like usual, Kimi quickly parked his car and went inside waiting for the other drivers. Jezz, Kimi..give me a chance to see you...well, I do could see him at the waiting room. He still look skinny and his hair was long....I would like to have it cut. He doesn't look good with long hair and I'm so wondering why everybody else said he looked sexier with that hair. Cut it down Kimi!! >_<

Kimi still has his usual way at the podium. Again, I could see that he was taking a deep breath. Maybe he feel relief again for finally be in in the podium. I really understand his feeling. The world seem to be look a lot better from up there, right Kimi? :)
Don't worry Kimi, this season could be a hard season for you but we'll make it back next season. Let's just focus to end this season in a better place than we are right now. I believe if the car still like this or even better, you would be in front again. And you would see how good from up there :) Keep on fighting, Kimi! I always be with you all the way, no matter where you might be, up or down, I will always and always be at your side :)

Thank you for your hard work, Kimi! What ever the investigation result may be, for me you are the true champion. You always be the champion :) I love you so much!

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