Friday, July 31, 2009

The worst come back

I don't it only me that feel bothered with Schumacher returns?

I believe in Kimi. I always believe in him and it will be great when Kimi beat out Schumacher.

I share the same view with Kimi, that the past shouldn't ever be think again. And Schumacher is the past. Why he just stay there and never return? Past is something we should forget, especially if it brings bad memories. I don't like to see Schumacher attended the race and now he'll be racing along side with Kimi? >_< I can't imagine that! It would be so annoying!

I don't hate Schumacher. I honored that 7 times world champions but sometimes he doesn't act like a champion and regarding the rumors when Kimi was preparing to join Ferrari, I become more and more dislike him.

One important thing that people might forget is with the return of Schumacher (and forget the test drivers) it shows how Ferrari so depending to him. Ferrari doesn't respect new comers and aren't ready for the changing era. They are still living in their old glorious memories, Schumacher and friends era. And now with the lack their having this season, they become panic and look for a quick way out, bring back that man...

I believe Kimi will show him self with his own way. Kimi doesn't need like this to bring his spirit up. Kimi always have the spirit but he just can't show it, since he can't find the way to deliberate it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The worst luck!

Schumacher to make F1 return
Wednesday 29th July 2009

Ferrari have confirmed seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher will make a sensational return to Formula One to stand in for Felipe Massa for the rest of the season.

German driving legend Schumacher still works for Ferrari as an advisor, but after Massa's shocking injury in Hungary he will now get back behind the wheel once again.

Schumacher has some time to prepare as the F1 season takes a summer break, but he should once again line up on the grid at the European Grand Prix in Valencia on August 23.

"Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro intends to put Michael Schumacher in Felipe Massa's car until the Brazilian driver will be able to race again," Ferrari confirmed in a statement.

"Michael Schumacher said he is ready and, over the next few days, will undertake a specific training programme at the end of which confirmation will be given of his participation in the championship with effect from the European Grand Prix on the 23rd of August."

Schumacher admits loyalty played a big part in his decision to return.

"The most important thing first: thanks God, all news concerning Felipe are positive. I wish him all the best again," Schumacher said.

"I was meeting this afternoon with Stefano Domenicali and Luca di Montezemolo and together we decided that I will prepare myself to take the place of Felipe.

"Though it is true that the chapter Formula 1 has been closed for me since long and completely, it is also true that for loyalty reasons to the team I cannot ignore that unfortunate situation. But as the competitor I am, I also very much look forward to facing this challenge."

KiRai's Note:
Okay...first I thought it was just rumors and now it's real!! >_< Shimatta!!! How can this happen? I don't believe that man will be racing again! And with Kimi too!! Gosh! I really thought this is just rumors! Why they choose him instead the test drivers? >_< Fight Kimi!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The bad luck

Schumacher would consider replacing Massa
Tuesday 28th July 2009

Michael Schumacher would consider a return to F1 as Felipe Massa's stand-in, his spokeswoman has confirmed.

Schumacher has already been strongly touted as a potential replacement for the Brazilian while Massa recuperates from the injuries he suffered during his horrific crash at the Hungarian GP. While Schumacher's manager Wili Weber ruled out the possibility of his client returning to F1 on Sunday, it would appear that the German is now giving serious thought to the possibility of driving for Ferrari again.

"The whole thing will be considered by Ferrari. If they approach Michael, then he will consider it," the seven-time champion's spokeswoman told BBC Sport.

Although Schumacher himself ruled out a return to F1 in an interview two weeks ago, his spokeswoman, Sabine Kehm, clarified that his position may be different if Ferrari ask him to temporarily replace Massa.

"Usually, I would say he's not interested because he's fine with his life and he doesn't miss anything but now the situation is so different - it's very hypothetical - and Michael doesn't want to step into that [discussion]," she stated.

There is, though, a question mark over Schumacher's fitness after he suffered a neck injury during a motorbike accident in February.

"I really can't tell you if his neck would be fine to drive an F1 race," she said.

"If Ferrari asked him whether he would consider driving, he would have it checked - and remember he is a 40-year-old man, too."


KiRai's Note:
What the fudge? >_< I don't understand why all in the sudden, Schumy's name would show up as Massa replacement. Ferrari has it's test drivers, so why don't give them the chance for a real race rather than took that old man back! Are they that depending so much for him? >_<

Beside, Schumy can't just back in like that. What's his status anyway at the team? Counselor? Then, he's not a driver and can't drive just like that anytime he like. Ferrari has the policy when something like this happen, right? Just like in every team, that when one of the driver was injured and can't race, then he would be replaced by the team's test driver, not by someone who walks around the team. It's a strange things that Schumy name show up and not the test driver. Maybe I'm the only one who don't want Schumy to be back. I don't like to see him show up at the race and now he maybe become Massa replacement, that mean I would be often seeing him. Argh!!! >_< Don't want to see that man beside Kimi!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lee Joon Ki MIni Album - J Style

Above is the image of Lee Joon Ki first mini album, called J Style. It was released sometime this year and consist of 8 songs.
1. J Style
2. Soliloquize
3. I'm Ready
4. Selfless Dedicated Trees
5. One Word
6. I don't know how to love
7. Foolish Love
8. Soliloquize (inst.)

Far from I expected, the songs are quite good ^^ I kinda like it :) And I've listen to the songs quite often now..even I put aside L'Arc~en~Ciel for a while ^^

I've listen to one of Joon Ki song that is One Word and I like it, then I got his album and listen to it and...hey..he's quite good! The songs are also good! My favorite is J Style and I laugh watching his video XD So funny!!! Joon Ki is really quite good..I admit that he's my only one favorite Korean artist ^^ I've watched some of his dramas and movies and he's a good artist too. I think he's specialty is with tears ^^; Even so..yes..he's a good actor and I loved to watch his play :) And now he got a mini album, songs he sings and wrote...well done Joon Ki! I might put your song to Minna! :)


No action against Raikkonen or Red Bull
Monday 27th July 2009

Both Kimi Raikkonen and Red Bull Racing have escaped punishment for the Hungarian transgressions.

Raikkonen was investigated by the Budapest stewards after the 70-lap grand prix for his driving at the very first corner, which saw him make contact with Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel.

Although the impact did no damage to Raikkonen's F60, Vettel's front suspension was damaged, ultimately resulting in the German retiring from the race.

Raikkonen, though, escaped sanction from the stewards.

Meanwhile, Red Bull were summoned following the race due to the unsafe release of Mark Webber into Raikkonen's path in the opening round of pit stops. Had it not been for Raikkonen's evasive action, the two would've collided.

Red Bull also escaped without punishment although the Hungarian stewards did reprimand the Championship contenders.


Feuh...I'm so relief with the news. Finally the podium still belong to Kimi! >_< Thank you so much! This result just added the happiness!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hurray! After the Hungary GP

Yatta!! Yokattara!! Kimi made it to finish in 2nd place! I'm so happy for him!! >_< Kimi deserves it! He deserves a lot more! But this result is indeed much better! I just can't believe this result. It feels as if Kimi had won his first podium. Finally good thing happen to Kimi. Thank you God!

Kimi has done a great start! I become more and more amazed with him! He move quickly up in front and place him self between Hamilton, Webber, and Vettel. He's so aggressive! Then he touched Vettel and the incident was being investigate by the stewards after the race, which I think it's not fair. Since Kimi doesn't do anything dangerous. He also doesn't have any place to go so he had to touch Vettel. So sad then Vettel had to retired laps after the incident. It's just happen in every race. I really hope that Kimi would hold his podium.....

The whole race was quite perfect for Kimi. Everything goes well for him, even the pit stop. Well, Kimi had some trouble when doing his 2nd pit stop but luckily it doesn't cost him some time. That time Webber was far away so Kimi could still com out in front of him. Kimi also drive perfectly. He doesn't make any mistake altough being chase by Glock and Webber. Finally, Kimi could finish 2nd place at the race.

And like usual, Kimi quickly parked his car and went inside waiting for the other drivers. Jezz, Kimi..give me a chance to see you...well, I do could see him at the waiting room. He still look skinny and his hair was long....I would like to have it cut. He doesn't look good with long hair and I'm so wondering why everybody else said he looked sexier with that hair. Cut it down Kimi!! >_<

Kimi still has his usual way at the podium. Again, I could see that he was taking a deep breath. Maybe he feel relief again for finally be in in the podium. I really understand his feeling. The world seem to be look a lot better from up there, right Kimi? :)
Don't worry Kimi, this season could be a hard season for you but we'll make it back next season. Let's just focus to end this season in a better place than we are right now. I believe if the car still like this or even better, you would be in front again. And you would see how good from up there :) Keep on fighting, Kimi! I always be with you all the way, no matter where you might be, up or down, I will always and always be at your side :)

Thank you for your hard work, Kimi! What ever the investigation result may be, for me you are the true champion. You always be the champion :) I love you so much!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Miss Minna san

It have cross my mind, when I was laying down in my bed because of the flu, I was looking at my room, to the posters, and then my eyes set on Laruku's banner beside my bed. I just watched it...them...minna san...and suddenly I feel missing them so much! I want to see them perform again, I want to see all 4 of them together, singing new songs, get back together again, 2011 is still a long way to come....and minna seem still far away for coming back together...they are busy with their solo projects...sigh...

"Minna san in the last album, KISS"

While I was healing from the flu, I was listening to minna (IPOD name), one of the songs is from VAMPS. I always love hyde's voice, no matter what song he sing, but this time I really missing him with Laruku. I know it's not fair for him, he's a great artist, but I do really like him more with Laruku rather than with VAMPS. His voice is lot better with Laruku >_< I'm so sorry hyde sama...but please hurry finished your VAMPS project and get back to tetsu and the others. Not only the voice, but hyde's performances are look better with Laruku. VAMPS has make hyde become wild, while in Laruku, hyde look so sweet, cool, awesome, beautiful! Tetsu! Bring him back quickly before he get worse! T_T I know I'm being over reacting but it's what I really feel....

"hyde when with Laruku...kirei desune.."

"hyde VAMPS..I know he still look cool..but I prefer to see him with Laruku!"

Not only hyde who was busy during the Laruku hiatus, Ken also has doing his solo project. Ken has released his newest album, Deeper. I'm so sorry Ken but I haven't listen to the album although it has been some time after the released ^^

"Kenpachi ^^;"

What about tetsu? I don't know his where about ^^ He once said before the hiatus that he wanted to create a warm and happy family with his wife...sigh..I wonder what he's doing right now. Tetsu! Stop with what you're doing right now and call back your boys! >_<

"tetsu...bring back your boys quick!!"

And last...the mysterious one...yukki...where are you...? What the hell are you doing hiding from everyone? Where are you, yukki...? T_T

"yukki...where are you...?"

The newest performance by them will take place at JITB 2009 this August, but sadly they won't perform as L'Arc~en~Ciel. They will perform as them selves. Hyde with VAMPS, Ken as him self and so does Tetsu, and yukki is with acid android. I wonder would they make a surprised by performing together on one stage?

MC : "Please welcome, the super artist"
MC : "on drums >> yukki from acid android; on bass >> tetsu; on guitar >> ken; and on vocal >> hyde from VAMPS; and they will performing >> LINK!!"


MC : "Why don't you just perform as Laruku!"

Minna san!! Missing you so much!!! >_< Come back soon, please!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The road to victory soundtrack (translation)

It's the translations from the song, "Ima Made Nandomo" by The Massmissile, the soundtrack of Kimi's victory in 2007 :) Love it! Love the meaning! Wish Kimi can know this! It's a great song! The words are so true! Go Kimi!!!

Ima Made Nandomo by The Massmissile

Maybe, it was a constant self-control. Maybe, you were crying inside.
You can't give away the dream you chose yourself?

More than the number of times I suffered, more than the number of times I doubt,
I want the number of times I laugh and trust others,
and I pray that it'll happen in my life.

Even though I was always a side character, even though I'm a shadow,
Let me be in the center when I dream.
Let me be honest.

Frequently, somehow I didn't give up.
Frequently,I always stand up, right?
Frequently, we always trust each other
Frequently, I dreamed.

Frequently, I had seen the stupid things
I was standing in someone's shadow
Now, I'm a main character.
Let me be selfish.

I have been escaping from a lot of things
I terminate those decision
But for that dream, but for that dream
but for that dream...

I'm sick of a side character.
While I'm dreaming, let me be in the center when I dream.
Let me be honest.
Let me become not a side character but a main character.

Frequently, somehow I didn't give up.
Frequently,I always stand up, right?
Frequently, we always trust each other
Frequently, I dreamed.

To break off the seal, I bent a lot
To trust someone, I doubted a lot.
To protect someone, I had hurt a lot.

Frequently, I had seen the stupid things
Frequently, I was standing in someone's shadow
Now, I'm a main character.
Let me be selfish.

The road to victory soundtrack

Ima Made Nandomo by The Massmissile

aman no renzoku dattaro kokoro de naiteita ndarou
jibun de kimeta sono yume dake wa yuzurenai ndarou?

kurushi nda kazu nanka yori utagatta kazu nanka yori
waratta kazu ya shinjita kazu ga
sukoshi dake ooi jinsei de arimasu you ni

wakiyaku dakedo kage no hito dakedo
yume to mukiau toki kurai
man naka ni isasete shoujiki ni isasete

ima made nandomo nan toka akiramezu ni
ima made nandomo tachi agatte kita janai ka
ima made nandomo bokura
nandomo shinjite nandomo yume mite

ima made nandomo baka o mite kita janai ka
ima made nandomo
hito no kage ni tatte kita janai ka
saa shuyaku da yo jibun no yume kurai
wagamama de isasete

iron na mono kara nigedashite
sono ketsudan o sakiokori ni shita
sono yume dake wa sono yume dake wa
sono yume dake wa...

wakiyaku nante mou takusan da
yume to mukiau toki kurai
man naka ni isasete shoujiki ni isasete
wakiyaku janakutte shuyaku de iyouze

ima made nandomo nan toka akiramezu ni
ima made nandomo tachi agatte kita janai ka
ima made nandomo bokura
nandomo shinjite nandomo yume mite

tsuranuku tame ni iroiro mageta
shinjiru tame ni utagatte kita
mamotteku tame ni hito o kizutsuketa
ima made nandomo nandomo

ima made nandomo baka o mite kita janai ka
nandomo hito no kage ni tatte kita janai ka
saa shuyaku da yo jibun no yume kurai
wagamama de isasete


KiRai's note:
I could still remember the time when Kimi become the world champion in 2007. That time I was watching the race all alone. My heart beat faster as I see Kimi drive lap to lap, and when he finally reached the finish line...I rise my arms high up and cheer for him. When i watch Kimi through the last important laps in his life, this is the song that played inside my mind. "Ima Made Nandomo" by The Massmissile, it is the soundtrack of Naruto. Although I was mistaken about the first word in the song ^^ but I've made this song as the soundtrack for Kimi's highest achievement. I always remember that moment and this song also make me always remember it. And the words, it's just so true! I wish Kimi could know the song, it would be so great!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Never Ending Curse ~ After Germany Race

As far as I remember, Hockenheim was never been good for Kimi. From the Mclaren era until now with Ferrari, Kimi never get satisfying result at the grand prix. Race after race, Kimi always meet his bad lucks here. I wonder why....?

Kimi started the race from 9th place, but he does so well by moving several places up front. He chased Vettel but couldn't get too close enough to overtake (is it because they are friends? Nah, Kimi won't ever do that ^^). Then as usual the race become round and round with Vettel started to move away.

The race turns into disaster when Kimi and Sutil touched when Sutil was going out from the pit. Kimi was close beside him that time, and their car touched. Several parts flew and Sutil went inside again to change his car nose. Kimi? He seemed to be fine but then suddenly cars from the back were easily overtake him, there's only one answer for it, Kimi's car was slowing down and finally he headed back to the garage. Kimi was out of the race.....

I have the chance to saw him that time (I don't like the hair! >_<) As usual, I can't tell his feeling from the face, but I believe he must be disappointed. I know I am and add with the family reaction, I smack the wall, after a long time I haven't done such thing. What happen to Kimi really can affect me so much.

Hah...I'm so disappointed with the race result, I hate it when Kimi couldn't perform so well. But it won't change my feeling for him. I will always and always support him whatever happen, no matter what people would say about him. I will always be there for him, to give him support and most of all my entire everlasting love ^^

Kimi, you will do better next race, don't worry :) and you will always have me to back you up. So, keep on fighting! We're on this together, always :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Kimi closed the cork of alcohol

The booze-steaming headlines about Kimi can be forgotten for some time at least. Kimi's strict policy when it comes to alcohol has held even during the hot summer. Räikkönen has completely dropped the quzzle with alcohol in the national Finnish way during his freetime.

Kimi Räikkönen is a man whose doings in Finland are followed closely with a magnifying glass. Therefore the man's decision a while ago to stop drinking created a small storm in a water glass. Kimi closed the cork in winter during the training season and according to the wildest rumours he had even made a bet with his friends. The steering wheel master's strict policy towards alcohol has held during the whole spring and beginning of the summer.

- Kimi has taken a glass or two of wine with good food but otherwise there hasn't been any guzzle with alcohol, Riku Kuvaja told MTV3.

Kuvaja was wondering about the sensation this all created already in February.

– This kind of writing is already weird, the man said.

Because of the KERS-experimentation all drivers' weights are followed more closely than ever but Kuvaja says that behind Kimi's decision there's no thoughts about losing weight or anything else special.

- Do they always need a reason for these, the man wonders.

p.s. I never objected Kimi to drink alcohol. It's his favorite ^^ I'm happy as long as he happy ^^ But, surely I want him to stop drinking alcohol for his own health. I don't want him to get sick after on. Stop drinking is good for him and I'm happy he did :) Go Kimi! I'm with you all the way!

Raikkonen to make WRC debut in Finland

The 2007 Formula One world champion Kimi Raikkonen is no stranger to the pressures of Formula One racing, but the Ferrari driver is set to sample a different motorsport challenge next month, after agreeing to make his World Rally Championship debut at July’s Neste Oil Rally Finland.

Although Raikkonen has already contested three 'non-championship' rallies this year, including the arduous Arctic Lapland event in January, the Jyvaskyla race will be his first competitive outing on gravel.

He will drive his own Fiat Abarth Grande Punto S2000 and will be partnered by fellow Finn Kaj Lindstrom, who previously collaborated with four-time WRC champion Tommi Makinen. The three-day rally will get underway on July 30, during Formula One racing’s annual summer break.

p.s. Is this mean Kimi will surely going to WRC after he quit F1? Oh dear, I'm happy if he finds new place for his interest, but it will be difficult for me to follow him then. The local newspapers seldom cover up WRC not like F1 news. Anyhow, I pray the best for Kimi, to see him happy is the most important thing for me :)

Kimi Raikkonen - Prisoner of his grey shadow

Last spring it took control like a parasite without any warning and grew bigger than it's host in silence and with determination.

All of a sudden success vanished, the colours disappeared and the world became black and white.

Kimi Räikkönen is for the big audience nothing but a grey shadow of the masterful driver he once was.

But somewhere the real Kimi is still breathing.

What supernatular power melted the Iceman. And who is that man who reminds us of Kimi but isn't Kimi?

Kimi has raced exactly 40 races for Ferrari. Even though he wasn't after his victory in Melbourne exactly what Luca thought he'd ordered, the flaws where more or less harmless colour flaws.

After a frozen spring Kimi put his act together and did what nobody expected - became a world champion.

And just as the championship war in 2009 looked like it had surrendered under Kimi's power, the cannons exploded on his own face and half of the world turned dark.

Something should be done, Kimi!

Once more.

There are two kinds of champions in sport. Those who never get enough and those who lose something irreplacable when achieving their dream so that they can't reach that same glory again. Blossomed once beautifully but shrank in a couple of nights. Even the sportsman himself isn't necessarily aware of the change. Usually only results tell that and often with a delay.

It's no wonder that the Italian media asks today if Kimi is more interested in rally than in his work. The signals he sends are conflicting; on one hand he emits fighting spirit with a monkey's rage but the next moment he looks totally indifferent to his own setbacks.

It's not a bigger miracle that the circle of doubters grows bigger every week. Kimi feeds them himself with his own behaviour.

When was the last time we saw that old fire-spirited warrior who rather raced with the taste of blood in his mouth right into the wall than gave up...

In Spa last September - and instead of the end result it at least showed an attitude of 'everything or nothing'.

Just what Monty needs so badly. Just what the whole F1-world needs.

Kimi has had to prove something all his life.

First to his parents that his hobby is worth sacrificing the small money they had.

Later in karting-tracks from weekend to weekend and a lot later - in 2001 - to the doubting F1-world that he is ready to race with the most respected drivers in spite of his lack of experience.

And next stepping into the boots of the double champion Mika Häkkinen in McLaren.

When stepping into the driving boots of the Red Messiah, Michael Schumacher, he had to prove his talent and ability.

He has always succeeded - and will succeed again when he wants. Silencing every ignorant critic around him.

If he wants.

One more time.

From Iltalehti's new Special Edition - June 2009 by Kari Melart translated by Nicole

p.s. Great article I've found this morning. Kimi's race life is always been about proving him self. From the first time he step in to the show until now, Kimi has always and always asked about his ability. For all these years, haven't people finally realize the greatness in him?