Monday, June 22, 2009

What the...! ~after the British GP~

I don't get it.

It's my first impression about the race at Silverstone last weekend. Kimi started the race from P9. I almost thought it would be another round and round for Kimi. But like he always do, Kimi has make me regret to have such thinking. Once more, Kimi has make me amazed and I become more and more in love with him.

When the race started, Kimi move really quickly along the left side where seemed to be forgotten by people. Massa was right behind him. Kimi squeeze to the right, and got wide for a moment, before he went back to the track and got 5th place. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. !! Kimi is so fast! He has astonish everyone! Even the commentator said that he's brilliant! Of course he is! He's Kimi!

Kimi was behind Nakajima in 4th place who slowly to pull away. Then Kimi had his first pit stop and it was quite good. Kimi succeed to come out in front of Nakajima. I was cheering that time. Kimi has done a great job!

Then after the commercial break, I went, "what the hell?" when I look that Kimi was behind Trulli and he's in 9th place. What had happen during the break? Gosh, that's why I hate local tv! (But don't have any choice to watch it!). I don't understand what had happen. Kimi should have in 4th place after all the driver in front of him take the first pit stop. Then why Massa and Trulli are in front of him? What the hell happen here?! After the second pit stop, Kimi's position was in 10th! I was shocked! Massa take his second pit stop but still come out in front of Kimi. I really don't get it what had happen. Finally Kimi finished in 8th place and collect single point.

I'll repeat it over and over. I don't understand what had happen. I thought Kimi would finish in 5th or even 4th. He will collect 4 or 5 points and not just single points! I'm so upset and maybe I'm the only one who feel upset. Kimi said that single points is not the best result, but it's better than nothing. Jeezz...Kimi really surprised me with his words. Usually he won't feel satisfied with this kind of result but now he said a very different thing. Kimi is really a one unpredictable man and that's another thing I love from him ^^

Oh well, things has happen and according to Kimi's wise words, "bad things happen and it's waste of time to think of something we can't change," I agree totally with him. I believe Kimi will quickly forget this bad result, he's always like that. For him, I will also do the same. I don't want to be Kimi's burden by keep moaning. Kimi has look for the next race and so will I. Even so, I'm wondering, does Kimi really easily forget bad things that had happen?

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