Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Watashi no Sukina Hito

About watashi no sukina hito

Scene 1: Different
Sometimes I want to be look different in front of watashi no sukina hito. Sometimes I think hard about the cloth I should wear before we meet. I don’t want to look the same like the last time we met. Even though maybe watashi no sukina hito wouldn’t says anything.

Scene 2: Cute
Cute is not the word I prefer to hear. I would prefer cool than cute. Sometimes I don’t think what I want to wear, what I want to say etc. I just do what I want to do that time. And when watashi no sukina hito suddenly said, “cool!” that’s enough for me.

Scene 3: Missing you
Sometimes I miss watashi no sukina hito. Some said that when we thinking about someone deeply, the thought will come over the person. Sometimes this feeling just comes unexpected. It makes me thinking, does watashi no sukina hito also thinking and missing me?

Scene 4: Younger lover
An age difference has never been a big matter for me. But, if I may choose I rather choose the older one than me. It’s quite difficult to adapt with younger people. Their mind has surprised me many times. Is it also a generation differences?

Scene 5: Suddenly
It’s the situation I most likely have. I could suddenly like someone because of the person kindness to me. But I also could hate someone just by seeing the person appearances.

Scene 6: Together
Sometimes I think it would be great if we could be together. We can do many fun things. We can go crazy or just be ignorance. We can do whatever we want to do. Does watashi no sukina hito have the same thought with me?

Scene 7: Pretty
Like I said before, I prefer to hear cool than pretty. But once, watashi no sukina hito suddenly has said the word to me and it makes me feel strange. I feel happy but also strange.

Scene 8: Anxiety
Anxiety never suits me. When I become anxiety, usually it gets mess up. I choose good preparation than anxiety.

Scene 9: Courage
This is what I never had. I never had the courage in front of watashi no sukina hito.

Scene 10: Simple
I just want to spend my times together with watashi no sukina hito. That’s why I think it would be great if we could be together. Just the two of us, doing things we like. It’s just that simple.

Scene 11: Separated
We are separated right now and doing different things. We haven’t got the time to spend time together. Does watashi no sukina hito missing the time we had together?

Scene 12: Marriage
This is the thing that I think won’t ever happen. I want to live together with watashi no sukina hito. Does it have to happen with a marriage?

Note: Watashi no sukina hito is a manga title from CLAMP.

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