Wednesday, June 17, 2009

VAMPS 1st Album

Finally VAMPS has released it's 1st album on June 10th, 2009. This album has 13 songs.

1. Bite
2. Love Addict
3. Cosmos
4. Secret In My Heart
5. Evanescent
6. Vampire Depression
7. Redrum
8. Deep Red
9. I Gotta Kick Start Now
10. Time Goes By
11. Sweet Dreams
12. Hunting
13. Sex Blood Rock N' Roll

All the songs has western style. It's really different with the one Hyde had with L'Arc~en~Ciel or with his solos project. Hyde once said he wants VAMPS to go international so he made some of the songs in English, maybe including the music. Some of the music indeed reminds me with the music I've once heard from western artists. Still the songs are great! My favorite are : Love Addict; Secret In My Heart; Evanescent; Vampire Depression; I Gotta Kick Start Now, and Time Goes By. There's 2 side songs that don't included in the album, Trouble and Life on Mars? Is it maybe the songs are remake songs and not VAMPS genuine? Too bad though, since the songs are unique, the music, the video, and of course with Hyde's voice. I've mention this for so many times, I loved Hyde's voice, so beautiful!

When I've listened to the songs in this album for the first time, the thing that crossed my mind was this album is the vampire's diary. It's how VAMPS see the vampire world or describing the vampire life they're living. I connected it also with the title and lyric of the songs. Some are exactly talking about vampire, or is it just because I was influence from the name, VAMPS :)

Over all, it's an awesome work from VAMPS. Finally after just singles that rock the world, they had it's first album to shake the world ^^ My biggest wishes for this album to be success and accepted by the world. It's so nice to see people exceeding their dreams ^^ I do really hope it will be a success.

Then after the album and tour, Hyde could meet again with Tetsu, Ken, and Yuki to talk about the 20th anniversary concert. This is what I would love to see so much. The revival of L'Arc~en~Ciel!

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