Monday, June 29, 2009


On Saturday, I went to Pesta Buku Jakarta 2009 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. I went there with Fit chan. After get lost and almost get lost for the 2nd time, we finally arrive at the place. Fit chan was looking for novels while I like usual was hunting for comics which soon then disappointed me. There's no comics I've been looked for!! I'm so disappointed looking at the titles, it's new one and none of it I've followed. I've promised my self I'd just completed my comics and not starting a new list. So I forced to walk away from the stand. After get disappointed, I decided to bought some novels. I've make a list and found the novels from the list. Thank God, it's on discount so I'm very pleased :)

Fit chan and I left Istora at 5 pm. She headed to PIM for meeting a friend, while I heading to BLOK M and do prayer there. When I finished my prayer, I was thinking, "Hey, what if I go to Daiso and then bought takoyaki?" Well, for me the thinking was quite surprising since I never been to the places alone. But, BLOK M has change and more tidy, so I think it won't be any trouble if I walk alone. So I did go. First, I bought takoyaki and while waiting it cooked I was hinking should I go to Daiso? What will I do there? Oh well, just sightseeing won't do any harm. So I decided to go to Daiso and I was really happy I've decided to go there, because I found a lunch box I've been looking for! I bought it along with a glass (I guess I'm a glass collector ^^).

When I walked home I was thinking with a happy feeling, "This is the life I wanted", I can do what I like, bought things that I want, I'm so happy being single and work! Yeah, this is the life I wanted and choose to live. I'm more than satisfied. I'm so happy! :) I won't give it for anything! Yeah! Being single mean the life!!

I'm so S.A.T.I.S.F.I.E.D.!!!!

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