Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The reason why my ear hurt - the answer

Finally after I know the reason why my ear feel hurt (I assumed I've know it), I decided to see the doctor to find out more about the caused. I was quite terrified while waiting my turn. But I wasn't afraid if the doctor said I would be deaf. I was more afraid if the doctor told me to stop using the headphone for listening music. I know either of it would be just the same thing ^^ But I really afraid if the doctor said the second rather than the first.

Then the doctor examined me and his words shocked me.

"Ho, you've hurt your ear. It's too clean,"
"Clean it just once a week," said the doctor.

He...? Nani...? What he means? It means I was too often cleaning my ears with cotton buds and finally hurt it. The doctor said I should clean it once a week. To think it back, I actually clean my ear three times a week so it's really too often XD The doctor also said I was not allowed to take ice water for a while. Thank God he doesn't mention anything about stop using headphone. Well, I don't want to mention about it either ^^

so I've done my treatment now and my ears really do feel better but sometimes it still hurt since after seeing the doctor I keep using the headphone and even more because I'm so excited I don't have to stop using it. I wonder maybe the doctor would forbid me if he know I used it almost everyday and every time. Oh well, it's another problem ^^

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