Friday, June 19, 2009

nani KiRai desho?

I've got some questions about my nick name, KiRaidesu. Some friends asked me these questions:

"What you don't like?"
"You don't like this book?"
"KiRai is dislike in Japanese, right?"

XD So, this is the story of the nickname.

I always write the name, "KiRai" with big K and R. People should notice the strange way I write the name. I also write down the name over my things with Katakana, the letters Japanese use to say foreign words, such as foreign people name. And if people also notice the one I always said I love the most in my life, the one that is my life it self, my world, my light, and my everything, they would know the real meaning of the name.

KiRai means Kimi Raikkonen :) My only love. I abbreviate the name because it sound like a Japanese word. In Japanese, kirai means dislike but I feel the opposite of it. I love the word since it's the abbreviation of Kimi's name. Why I used that kind of name? It's simple. Because it represented my two favorite, Kimi and Japan :) And the other reason is that I just love to see people reaction when they wondering the meaning of my name XD

I used "desu" just to affirm the word before it. Just like in a Japanese conversation.

"Anata no namae wa?" >> "What's your name?"
"KiRai desu" >> "I'm KiRai"

So, KiRaidesu means I'm KiRai, and not I don't like. I intentionally join the two words just to make it unique. Well, again my real reason is just to make people confused with the meaning ^^;

Sate...Hajimemashite! Boku wa KiRai desu! Douzou Yoroushiku! ^^

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