Thursday, June 25, 2009


I don't know why I made this post. I've shouldn't make this post while I'm feeling happy like now. Oh well, the Medusa thing has been the talking in the family but is way too different with the one on ancient Greek tales.

Medusa is often to describe as an ugly woman with snakes hair. People who looked at her in the eyes would be turn into stone. While other versions of the story describe Medusa as a beautiful woman who turned ugly after raped by the "Lord of the sea", Poseidon (no wonder she transformed like that!)

While the Medusa I know is describe as a heartless woman who always complaining and demand attention and respect. How would someone respect you if you won't respect others? How would people treat you good when you aren't? That's very obvious things to do in a so called name social relationship, although between families. This Medusa always have many complains to said each time she visited. She will complains almost about everything and make me feel so sick with her. She always complains about my attitude to her, how I treated her with no respect. Hell yeah, I don't give a damn with her words. I don't respect you because you don't respect me or my family. I will never forgive what you've done to my family, no one can mess up with my family and just get away like that. You are so damn lucky I'm the only one with the most freakiest mind. You're lucky the rest of my family still treat you good. I won't. Never.

This Medusa is really different with the tales, although they have the same snakes hair. This Medusa doesn't turn people into stone, but she surely turn people heart into stone, at least she has turn my heart.

I choose the picture since it really describe the Medusa I'm facing now :) Beware!

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