Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's not just a race!

I really hate it when people saying, "Chill out, it's just a race," Well for me it wasn't! It won't ever be just a race when Kimi is still in it! I'm not only watching a race but I watch my precious one race, the one and only Kimi Raikkonen. The race result is important for me because it's also important for Kimi. The race result will affect me so much since I wanted Kimi to succeed. Not because I hate him to lose but because I wanted the best for him. Kimi deserves the best since he's truly the best.

For me, Kimi's race is important that I don't want anything to bother me while I'm watching it. I might miss something important about him. I always watched him closely so I could see his hard work on the race. I might not know what happen with other drivers but I surely know what's going on with Kimi ^^ My eyes are only to see him ^^

I'll be cheering up when Kimi won the race or when he got good result. I will also become sad and depressed when Kimi had a bad race. And in the times like that I just hate when people said, "It's just a race,"

I said it again, it's not just a race! It's Kimi's race! And it won't ever be just a race for me as long as Kimi is in it. I can feel his happiness and also his pain. When Kimi is racing, I feel I'm also racing beside him. The race is important for Kimi and surely also become important for me, so it's normal when I feel upset if the race doesn't goes well since I feel I was also racing with him. So, it's not just a race!!

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