Friday, June 19, 2009

The Bond

Yesterday almost become the worst day in my life. I almost lost something precious, the thing that link me with Kimi. The bond I had with Kimi. I almost lost the silver bracelet that similar with the one Kimi had!

I was eating with a friend and do not realize it went off. I realized it after we leave the place. I don't feel the bracelet in my right hand. I look below maybe it feel down somewhere in the ground. But I don't find it there. Where it might be? I was in deep panic! For the first time I wanted to cry. I've swear never ever to cried over something but that time I could not helped it.

I quickly get back to the place where we eat and in the same time thinking that maybe the bracelet went lose on the car or maybe in the office. Why I didn't notice it! I hurried look at the place and ...... YATTA!!! YOKATTARA!!! The bracelet was in the ground below the sit I've take while eating. I hurried take it and hold it tightly inside my hands. I don't care I've hurt my hand, I want to make sure the bracelet is there.

I'm very happy and so relieve! I might started to cry if no ones there sees me. Thank you My Dear God! Thank you I can still keep this bond with Kimi! I was really depressed if I lost it. It's something that link me with Kimi. If I lost it I would feel a part of me is lost too. Thank you so much My Dear God! I really feel grateful!

Kimi, thank God I can still keep this bond with you. I always keep the bond between us forever. I will always love you forever!

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