Tuesday, June 09, 2009

After the race - Turkish Grand Prix review

It should have been a great race for Kimi. Kimi has perform quite well during the qualification. Several times Kimi made the fastest time but too bad the other car seemed to be faster than his car. At Q3, Kimi had to started the race from P6. It's not a perfect position for him but at least he was in front of Massa.

When the race started I get angry with Massa since he drive aggressively and push over Kimi. Luckly Kimi doesn't get hit by other car. Well, fortunately Kimi hit Alonso and damage his rear wing. Since then the race become round and round for Kimi. KImi finished in 9th place and no points for him.

I'm so sorry for Kimi. I wish he could have better result, but maybe the chance wasn't there for him. It's a disappointment race for Kimi. I'm also disappointed with the race. But I will never be disappointed to Kimi. I know he has tried his best to get in the front. Kimi will make it again at the next race. I always believe he can. Keep on fighting Kimi! I'll be right with you always!

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