Wednesday, April 29, 2009


VAMPS time!

First, VAMPS shall release its third single album on May 13th, 2009. (it's the second time they have released an album on the date of 13th).

The album consists of two songs.

1. Evanescent

2. Life on Mars?

Evanescent PV already could be seen through YouTube. My opinion about the song and PV is awesome! I like both song and PV. So much different with the last 4 songs VAMPS had. This one is so gentle, sad, but gives a nice feeling. I feel sad each time I heard the song since it reminds me of someone I dearly love so much. But its fine, I don't get sorrowed, well not much ^^

I also like the PV, just Hyde sits in a sofa and sings while K.A.Z plays guitar. The model was a Japanese girl, beautiful? I never say someone is beautiful so I won't comment on that ^^ Hyde looks old but also mature J I like his appearance in the PV. He looks sweet J His look at the PV end is adorable. I love that scene ^^

Second, VAMPS shall release its first album on June 2009. Finally they finished the album, but why they release it in a close time with the single album? What's the marketing strategy? ^^ I would prefer choose the album than the single one ^^

Third, VAMPS would have its American Tour. Why America? I don't know. Well, lucky for American fans.

Fourth, I heard VAMPS would play in a rock event at Taiwan (or is it Thailand?). Oh dear, Taiwan seems close but yet it's far ^^ Oh well again, lucky for the fans there. I'm so lack in initiative ^^;

Fifth, chotto mateo kudasai! I just want to say that! Where VAMPS got the energy to do such many works? Aren't they feeling tired? Hyde sama…don't push yourself too hard. You might look older ^^; (running away)

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