Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I think it's the best words to describe how I'm feeling right now. Damn it! I hate this feeling. It make me feeling really uneasy >_<

This morning, chief come over to my desk and hand me a book, my book.

Chief : "Here, the book has been finished. Keep it for your future child (laugh),"

I laugh too but inside I was saying to my self, "A child? That's a big NO for me," ^^ But I just laugh and said thank you to him.

After the chief leave I start to feel uneasy. Man, my first book finally finished and ready to be published. The thought freak me out. I'm worried it won't be good. Damn it. I should've feel happy finally one of my dream could be realized (although in a really odd way ^^)

Oh well, I'm a hysterical person, so I become hysteric in the beginning but always end up with feeling nothing J I always feel better after writing about my feelings. I love to write. I hope someday my writings also could be published J

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