Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Atashi no mono

Everybody who know me surely understand why I'm so excited for this weekend.

Finally, everything shall be started this weekend. I could see my one and only love in my life. Kimi sama shall racing again. The first one is Melbourne and it would be happen this weekend. I can't wait any longer. Saturday seemed so far away...

Last year wasn't a good year for Kimi. He's out qualified. I hope this season would be better. I hope Kimi would take that highest place back, the place where he should have stayed. I wonder how is he look like right now? He said he has lost three kilos. Skinnier? I guess. I don't remember seeing Kimi skin ^^ But he's still Kimi. My Kimi. Atashi no Kimi desu. Atashi no daisuki desu.

Good luck Kimi sama. I'll pray the best for you. I always do :)

Excuse me

Last night when I was inside the economic AC train, a woman sit in front of me called.

"Maaf mas, stasiun berikutnya apa ya?"

I was listening to Minna (the name of my IPOD), quite ignorance that time. I'm sick with the people like usual. I move closer to her.

"Bojong" with a flat voice. Her eyes suddenly rounded.

"Makasih, mbak,"

I only smile a bit and continue listening to Minna. I don't really care whether she miss recognize my gender. It's not a big issue for me. I've been always miss called "mas" by people around me. It's not the first time and I believe it won't be the last either.

Actually, it's quite strange when people called me "mbak". How did they recognize me...?

Friday, March 06, 2009

L’Arc~en~Ciel Chronicle 4 DVD

On February 25th, 2009, L'Arc~en~Ciel has released their PV DVD, Chronicle 4. The DVD consists of seven PV.
  4. Hurry Xmas (*)
  5. DRINK IT DOWN (*)
  6. NEXUS 4
  7. SHINE

The stars are for my favorite PV.

Drink It Down. It's the first single from L'Arc after they released KISS album (sugoi ne..after KISS released they quickly back to work on the new single). I loved both the song and the PV. It's an energetic song. It's an energetic music. Drink It Down is the theme for Devil May Cry in PS 3. L'Arc sama look awesome dressed in black, even though they don't really look like vampires for some reason khekhekhekhe….I loved the PV's dark and windy scene with the old and wooden alley. European style for houses are always amused me. And the best part of this song is of course Hyde sama incredible voice. So strong and powerful! Well done Hyde sama. Your voice is really great!

Daybreak's Bell. It's a song from KISS album. I like it's dark and windy scene just like in Drink It Down. But the two has different theme. Daybreak's Bell is the opening theme for GUNDAM OO anime. I like Hyde sama appearance in this PV, he wears a shroud and holding a lantern. He often smiles, that's the best part! I also like the way Hyde sama sings the song and of course the way he moves his body…kawaii ne….Daybreak's Bell is another energetic song from L'Arc sama, one of my favorites.

Hurry Xmas. I'm really sure that Hyde sama really enjoy singing this song. He looks very happy and laughs a lot. His eyes are shining showing his happiness. It's a cheerful song indeed. But I was quite annoyed when one Santa Claus hug Hyde's back. Santa, you have children all over the world to hug, give Hyde sama to me khekhekhekhe….

Okay…my review is so subjective khekhekhekhe…and every reason I like the PV are because of Hyde sama khekhekhe….

I haven't buy the DVD though but I am saving money for it. I need to hold my other wishes of things, just after I got this DVD khekhekhe….

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

VAMPS New Single!

VAMPS has released new single. The single consist of two songs.

1. I Gotta Kick Start Now

2. Trouble (VAMPS version)

And I loved both of it! Sugoi ne VAMPS!!

The first time I hear I Gotta Kick Start Now, I don’t feel very fond with the song. I like Love Addict more. But just like other Hyde sama songs…when I hear it over and over…just that song…I become to loved the song.

I feel stupid when hear Trouble. I didn’t realize that it was VAMPS version from the real song. Baka ne ^^; My gosh…Hyde sama voice is really sexy…Just like when he does cover version for Careless Whisper and Glamorous Day…I love his version better than the real ones…hahahaha….The music is also really catchy. It make me keep shaking my head….uh..uh..We’re in trouble…hah…Hyde sama soooo sexyyyy…..daisuki ne!!!!

Crown Clown oath

The Crown Clown oath is that he won't stop walking. He will always move forward. Man…in fact it was quite hard to do. Doushite? I'd like to give up right now. Where is the courage I've gathered? Will I be able to hold on? It's just the beginning and I've already feeling this way. Shimatta…!