Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sayounara my friends

On December, 14th, 2008, one of my friend, Muko Purwanto aka Muko aka Anto has passed away at the age of 24 years old. He suffered the same sickness that took my brother away.

Muko is an unique person, quite weird but still cool to be with. He's good in drawings and has the same interest towards Japanese Rock songs. His lifetime favorites was Malice Mazer and Shiam Shade. He also fond about Melody Maker.

I just hope that we had much more time together, maybe we could do crazy things. Crazy but fun. And like always I didn't got the chance to apologize to him for all the trouble I've caused. Muko is really an helpful person. He cares alot about his friends and loved to talk his favorites things over and over. I also haven't got the chance to return his drawings. Well, I'll never had the chance now. I'll keep his drawings as one of my treasure from now on along with the CD's he gave me.

Thanks for everything, man. I'm sorry we haven't been doing cool things together. We could if I hadn't canceled it each time I promised. May you rest in peace and may Allah SWT bless you.

Farewell my friend,

Sayounara watashi no tomodachi....

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