Wednesday, October 04, 2017

The Child in Time (not a review).

Nope, this isn't a review about Benedict Cumberbatch's movie drama: "The Child in Time".
But, one scene from the drama, the most devastating scene, almost happened to my brother's friend. The scene when Stephen turned his look away for a moment, the second moment, his daughter disappeared ....

Last Sunday, my brother was having a reunion party at his elementary school. At the same moment, a friend--who's house just across the school--was having a family event (this friend doesn't join the reunion since he was in different year with my brother). I could imagine how hectic his house was.

In the afternoon, my brother called home (our house was near the school). His wife answered.

Brother : "Do you see A's daughter? He lost sight of her."

Wife : "No, maybe she's playing inside the school?"

Brother : "No, no one seen her there. Please look at the street, in case someone was with her."

Thursday, September 28, 2017


H : "You are someone with contradiction."

S : "Why is that?"

H : "Well, you said you like the rain, but you don't want to get wet. You said you like the beach, yet you don't want to get under the sun. You love fresh air, but you hardly went hiking. You are a contradiction."

S : "I have my reasons."

H : "And what is that?"

S : *stares*

H : *smiling*

S : "I don't want to get wet because I use public transportation. I don't want to upset other passengers. I don't like the sun, the heat to be exact, since I always get dizzy because of it. And you do know how irritated I would be when I was dizzy. I don't like hiking because it's simply ... tiring."

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


I had gone through two kind detoxification last week.
Precisely a week ago, I had to stayed at home because of typhus.
Regarding the doctor's diagnosis of me having the illness, I was almost burst into laugh. Yet, I could behave quite well and just quietly giggled. 

How did I came out with having typhus? 

On Tuesday morning, I suddenly had high fever at office. I even wonder why and how I suddenly had fever. I quickly took medicine and felt much better afterwards. But, after lunch time, I slowly feel cold even though the weather at the time was hot. It took me a day off on Wednesday after I was feeling so weak because of another high fever during the past night. I get back to work on Thursday though still feeling a bit weak. Friday was a national holiday, the Ied Adha day. Feeling much more better I decided to do some cleaning on my room. When in a sudden I get a high fever again after lunch time. I quickly finished the cleaning, took a medicine, and went to sleep. On Saturday I decided to went to the doctor who'd later told me to through a blood check. When the doctor get the result:

Doctor: "This is typhus, a high one."
Me: 😲
Doctor: "Eat mild food and have lots of rest."
Me: 😲
Doctor: "Come back on Monday for another check up."
Me: 😲