Friday, January 12, 2018

As time goes by: retiring.

Nah, the title of this post doesn't mean that I would packed my things and went to the countryside and live the rest of my life there.
Nah, it isn't like in the movies or novels. I wish it would have, but my life isn't going like that at the moment.

I was buying a CD through a friend. Then she remind me that yen's rate was high, along with the risen of postal fee, the total amount I have to paid will be quite high. Gulp.

Me : "Gosh, if it continue like this, I might retired from buying CD's."
Friend : "I already retired long time ago." 

That's how I came with "retiring" thought. I meant retiring from buying CD, except for my top two priorities which are vistlip and L'Arc~en~Ciel.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


A couple of weeks ago, my smartphone had to went through factory reset, twice.

Maybe it's the battery that has run out,
Maybe it's the phone endurance that started to run out,
Maybe there's a bug on the phone,
Maybe there's a virus,

I don't know ....
All I know I lost all my data on the phone ... 😠
My download files, pictures, and notes that I haven't copied to my laptop or Micro SD. All gone.

One side, I feel sad, upset, and angry with the data lost. But, in the other side I kinda feel a bit relief because I don't have to choose, from the many data, which one I have to delete eventually.

(Though I still feel upset on losing all BC's downloaded pictures ....)

The factory reset not only made my phone felt a bit lighter, but it also affect me. I was thinking of doing some "reset" on my social media account. I delete all of my albums and notes on facebook, and I delete several posts on Instagram. Though I let twitter and this blog as the way it is. To storage the prove of my young embarrassing times. 😁

(Beside, there were way too many things to be erased on twitter and blog.)

Somehow to be invisible--when no one knows you, don't know what you were doing--feel comfortable. It made me lighter, and I like it.

Monday, October 30, 2017

One More Light (a song fiction).


I watched your back, as you leaned on the balcony, watching you smoke while staring at the dark sky. 

You said you dislike the dark, feeling yourself wrapped by it, to be all alone, couldn't see anything, feeling nothing. Yet, you still stared at the dark sky, with no stars, instead looking at the lights before you. 

"I stare at the sky, hoping for a glance at the stars, for I know, the lights will never be mine." 

There are things that we can have, but can't keep, huh? 

I swiftly smile, stood by your side. Taking the cigarette from your hand, put it on my lips, blew the smoke away. 

You stared in confusion, since you knew I don't smoke. 

For your happiness, I'd do anything. 

"Indirect kiss," said I. You laugh, hearty. 

Hey, little you know, the lights were inside you. When you laugh, when you smile, when you put everyone happiness first, the lights sparkled around you. 
Little you know, that I willing to stay beside you, wrapped together in the darkness, without you even need to ask.