Tuesday, September 12, 2017


I had gone through two kind detoxification last week.
Precisely a week ago, I had to stayed at home because of typhus.
Regarding the doctor's diagnosis of me having the illness, I was almost burst into laugh. Yet, I could behave quite well and just quietly giggled. 

How did I came out with having typhus? 

On Tuesday morning, I suddenly had high fever at office. I even wonder why and how I suddenly had fever. I quickly took medicine and felt much better afterwards. But, after lunch time, I slowly feel cold even though the weather at the time was hot. It took me a day off on Wednesday after I was feeling so weak because of another high fever during the past night. I get back to work on Thursday though still feeling a bit weak. Friday was a national holiday, the Ied Adha day. Feeling much more better I decided to do some cleaning on my room. When in a sudden I get a high fever again after lunch time. I quickly finished the cleaning, took a medicine, and went to sleep. On Saturday I decided to went to the doctor who'd later told me to through a blood check. When the doctor get the result:

Doctor: "This is typhus, a high one."
Me: 😲
Doctor: "Eat mild food and have lots of rest."
Me: 😲
Doctor: "Come back on Monday for another check up."
Me: 😲

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

One More Light, please?

It's so heavy to listen, 
It's so heavy to write....

I finally brace myself to get a copy of Linkin Park's newest release album, One More Light. 
Actually when LP announced about their new album release, I was so ready to bought one. Until this day, LP is the only non-Japanese band I would still listen. (Placebo was because of the nostalgic reasons 😁). 

It was a surprised when I found out that the album doesn't get release in Indonesia. I don't know why. The online music store then offered me the USA version with much higher price. I intended to get it someday because I have to save money to get it. 

Then the saddest news came ... Chester was gone.

Monday, July 24, 2017

To: Chester.

Source: here.

Dear Chester,

I heard the news while I was having breakfast. I went blank, shocked. My sister was talking, but I couldn’t get her words into my mind.


You seemed happy lately, with new album released and the tour. I remembered watching a video uploaded by your wife. You were smiling beautifully at her. I was smiling too because I could see how you loved her so much. Now I wonder; when you were smiling like that, were you actually hiding your pain inside?


I felt like something missing inside of me. It felt like losing someone who used to be around, and would still be around for some more times. You won’t. You won’t be around anymore.


I feel I have to apologize to you. I’m sorry it turned to be like this. You have voiced so many feelings inside of me that I never could let it out. You screamed things that I couldn’t screamed. You spoke what’s on my mind. You felt what I felt. I’m sorry, I’m sorry you couldn’t be saved with the same way you have saved me.

I truly pray you will be in peace now. No more suffering and pain. You will only feel love and be loved by everyone.

I will always remember you, in my mind, in my heart.

Rest in peace, Chester. Sleep well.